Monday, May 7, 2007

Sara's Ruffle Tank

I'm taking forever to knit this tank top. I started it about two weeks before Paris (so, the end of March) and didn't touch it again until this week. I lost the knitting motivation which, according to Zette, happens from time to time and it's best to just go with it until you feel into knitting again. Well, the excitement of knitting the ruffle for this tank top and then successfully doing my first 3-needle joining has re-motivated me...I'm back, baby! (that was for you, Bon. ha).

Anyway, here is a pic of the tank so far...front of body, ruffle joined. I'm currently knitting the back body panel but am going to eliminate the ruffle for the back as I think it'd be more comfy to wear/lean back on. I think it's going to be SO cute, I can't wait to finish it. Plans for the straps are to knit or crochet them separately and then join to the body...that's different than the pattern instructions but Zette and I agreed (well, she suggested and I agreed) that just binding off the whole thing and then making, and joining, straps would be MUCH easier since I'd modified the pattern to be one size smaller (casting on 5 less than the smallest size given). Sidenote: I'm using Bernat Cotton Tots and I don't like it. It has no give and my stitches are, as seen in the pic, uneven.

So that's my progress thus far. I will of course update once it's completed, hopefully within this millenium, while Sara can still fit into the damn thing!

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