Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jon's Color Block Scarf

I knit this in a jiffy (AKA: a week) for Jon when I discovered that he was traveling to Wisconsin in February (read: fuh-ree-zing) without any actual winter gear. Though he was pretty new to be receiving hand-made gifts from me, I had such a warm fuzzy feeling while knitting it and knew that he would appreciate it...and boy does he. I used my leftover yarn from Sasha's legwarmers and made the pattern (easy) up as I went. I'll post pics soon as he remembers to bring the scarf over so I can take pictures!

EDIT: On October 28, 2007 (as in, 4 months post-break up) he sent me a pic. Just a an email. And a bad pic, not showing the stripes at the ends, but it's all I've got so I'm posting it.

Jon's Color Block Scarf
February 25, 2007

Entire scarf is knit in Stockinette stitch.


Size 11 needles
2 colors Bernat Softee Chunky, 1 skein each

With Color A: CO 30 sts
Continue in Stock St for 20 rows

Switch to Color B: 4 rows
Color A: 4 rows
Color B: 4 rows
Color A: 20 rows
Color B: 40 rows
Color A: 20 rows
Color B: 4 rows
Color A: 4 rows
Color B: 4 rows
Color A: 20 rows

Bind off.

Neutral Tote

So I finished this almost 2 months ago but am just getting around to posting the FO pics and pattern. Here is what it looked like as a WIP:

And here is the FO.

and Back:

I am SO proud of this piece. I like that I wasn't intimidated by the casting on/off for the handles, and I like even more that I didn't fuck it up! I also love that the front and back colors patterns are different, and I've decided not to felt it b/c I think the stitches look so pretty. I really enjoyed knitting with the Patons Classic Wool and bamboo needles. Ok, here is the pattern:

Neutral Tote
February/March 2007


Size 8 Bamboo Straight Needles
1 skein each of 3 colors of yarn.
Color A: Patons Classic Merino Wool in Winter White
Color B: light brown heathered wool (gifted from Zette's stash)
Color C: Lion Brand Wool-Ease, sport weight in Black

No gauge.

Pattern (entire pattern is knit in Stockinette stitch):

With Color A: CO 64 sts
Continue for 14 rows

For handle (still with Color A):
K20, COff 24, K20
P20, CO 24, P20

Continue for 8 more rows with Color A.

Switch to Color B: 14 rows
Switch to Color C: 8 rows
Switch to Color B: 8 rows
Switch to Color A: 34 rows

With Color C: 60 rows
Switch to Color B: 14 rows
Switch to Color A: 8 rows

For handle (still with Color A):
K20, COff 24, K20
P20, CO 24, P20

Continue for 14 rows.
Bind off.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tiny Eyelet Stitch

Decided to be adventerous and test out a new stitch, #132 in "The Complete Book of Knitting", which looked fancy but still only required knit, purl, and a yo (which I was familiar with from crocheting and which, for any non-knitters reading this, has nothing to do with Hip Hop culture). Well...I DID IT, and I love it!

I think it'd be so nice to do in lieu of a bottom ribbing for a tank top or something. I used Size 8 bamboo needles and the yarn is...don't kill me...Red Heart acrylic horridness that I've had forever, but (a) it's this really gorgeous deep teal color and (b) I wanted to test out the stitch on a simple, solid-colored yarn. I'll take suggestions on what anyone thinks I should use this for, but I'm all jazzed and whatever project I decide to take on next (I'm projectless right now), I want it to include this. Also, I'd want to cast on more stitches for the correct hip measurement/circumference b/c I like how the eyelets look going vertically and not horizontally.

Anyway, here is the pattern:

Stitches needed: any number of 5 + 2

Row 1: P2, K3 - repeat to end, ending with a P2
Row 2: K2, P3 - repeat to end, ending with a K2
Row 3: P2, Sl 1, K2, pass Sl St over K2 - repeat to end, ending with P2
Row 4: K2, P1, yo* (see below), P1 - repeat to end, ending with a K2

* yo: bring working yarn between both needles and wrap it around the right hand needle, keeping the yarn in front of the left hand needle.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Diana's Scarf

So, I finally made Diana her scarf in the requested cream color.

Pattern was right off the Lion Brand website, One Skein Scarf in Homespun. I used the color "Deco". Pattern is super easy:

Crocheted One Skein Homespun Scarf

Ch 16.
Double crochet in 4th chain from hook and in each ch across.
*Ch 3, turn.
Double crochet in next double crochet, and in each dc across to end*.

Repeat from * to * until skein is done.

HERE is a pic of the same scarf in turquoise (I look horrid, but the scarf is GORG)...and HERE is Sasha modeling the one I gave to her over Thanksgiving...another really pretty pastel colorway.