Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Happy Meshy Beach Bag

Added the strap. Decided to make one wide strap in lieu of 2. I think I made it a little too long in an effort to not make it too short. Typical. But I like it. Here’s what I did.

After the 10 garter stitch rounds...

Round 1: K5, BO 48, K10, BO 48, K5

Place the K10 sts on a stitch holder. Knit 5 sts, making 10 sts left on the needles. Work in garter stitch for desired strap length. I’m not sure what I did but again, I would’ve done it a bit shorter (I’m actually debating doing a crochet border around the strap and top of bag with the rainbow yarn). I then did a 3 needle bind off and crocheted like two sts to secure the end tightly. Also, I love that the bag can be slung across the body.

Here, have some more pics.

Sunday on the couch = a market bag

Still needs handles, which I'm going to add tonight. Then it'll be done! Such a quick, fun project. I'm so making more of these to gift for Christmas.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Over the Rainbow

Been wanting to make a market bag b/c I love how they look, but really have no need for one and don't quite get how you can successfully carry groceries in it without everything falling out. So this will be a gift to my sister and the kids, to carry all their crap in when going to the beach. Spencer loves rainbow stuff so I think he'll particularly like it.

Pattern is the Everlasting Bagstopper from Knitty.