Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another Halter Top for Sara

The first one was so darn cute, I had to make another one in purple!

The pattern is called Slices of Sweet Halter and is HERE.
I made these modifications:

1) I used a G hook.

2) I did none of the Edging that the pattern calls for...meaning, I did Rows 1-8 as the pattern specifies, but I just kept using the yarn I used for the triangles (the variegated) in lieu of fastening off after Row 7.

3) Instead of doing a Ch 42 at the end of Row 8, I did a Ch 38 b/c my niece is so tiny. I would measure around your wearer's chest first, but I didn't have that chance so I wung it. Again, I haven't tried it on her so I'm hoping it fits!

4) I only did 8 rounds of the V-stitch pattern (in the pattern it's Rnds 10-24)...I know this will be long enough for my niece but again, I didn't measure.

5) For Rnd 9, I switched to the variegated yarn again and just did dc around the whole bottom edge in lieu of the clusters the pattern states in Rnd 25.

6) I didn't do the straps as the pattern states. I did this instead:

- sl st in an end stitch at the top of one triangle
- sc in top 3 stitches
- yo, pull through all 3 sts.
- make a Ch 50 for strap and continue to sc back down the strap.
- attach to top 3 sts of triangle.

ALSO, in order for both triangles to have the correct side facing front, you cannot join the tails together to join the triangles as the pattern triangle has to be turned around.

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Wormie said...

Your kids and your work are adorable!
Thanks for linking the pattern! I know a little girl that I might make a halter for too!
And thank you for your comment on my blog. Wormie