Saturday, August 11, 2007

WIP: Razor Cami

Started: August 8, 2007

A little behind the masses, but I'm well on my way to knitting the
Razor Cami. It took my awhile to figure out that (a) I shouldn't use different yarn and try to reconfigure needles and gauge...and (b) you don't do the last "K1" at the end of Row 1. Some say it worked out fine with the K1 but I found several posts on other blogs saying they left it off or else the yo's wouldn't line up (and they are right). I also modified the ribbing and did 2x2 instead. I'm using size 5 (3.75) circs and Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn in 'Bluebell'. It felt soft enough on the skein, but knitting with it is hurting my right pointer finger from pushing the yarn down with each stitch. Luckily the softness of the yarn won't be a problem since I'll always be wearing a camisole or baby tee underneath it. Anyway, I like the lace pattern, it's very easy to memorize, and so far so good.

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Lesalicious said...

I don't know anything about knitting but, so far so good. I know it's going to look lovely when you is done.
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