Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm Not Worthy!

So like a month ago, Suzette said that she and Gail had a “just because” gift for me. I thought it was a naked picture of Baryshnikov or something as amusing. Zette told me I was “gonna pee” when I saw what it was, so I was sure it was something funny.

WELL! It was NOT funny but instead FULL OF AWESOME!

Knitpiks Harmony Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles!

I seriously do not know what on earth I did to deserve such a gift, nor will I ever understand what I did to deserve such amazing friends who think nothing of doing random acts of kindness. For their generosity to be bestowed upon me today is, well, too much. I am unbelievably grateful and so warm and fuzzy inside, it’s not even funny. I am in awe of people like this who wake up one day and just feel like doing random acts of kindness. Suzette told me that Gail called her one day and said “I want to get something for Whitt, what should I get?” It went back and forth a bit until they decided to go half-sies on the needle set. Amazing.

AND if that weren't online-only pal from Ravelry, Shelagh (Sheila), who lives in Canada, sent me a mystery package last week and it arrived today! OMG OMG OMG!

I LOVE THEM! I can't believe she made them! I'm always saying that my hands are cold and that I love what did she do? MADE me fingerless mitts, accompanied by yellow and pink Peeps! Truly a random act of kindness and I am overwhelmed with the warm and fuzzies tonight.


Cyd said...

How wonderful for you! The mitts are fantastic. (You do deserve the nice treatment, you know)

lomester said...

lucky girl! what great gifts!

Needlephile said...

wow, lucky gal... those mitts look soo soft!

ktb38 said...

Lucky! Love the gloves. They look so soft.