Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Dress

This is the beginning of a birthday dress I'm making for Sara, who turns 3 on July 30th. She requested pink and yellow, but I had this white and pink variegated Sugar 'n Cream so decided to use that...and I love it! That pic above is no longer what the project looks like since I had to frog the whole damn thing. The initial ribbing (the white part, which is the top part of the dress) was too big on size 7's so I wanted to switch to 5's. I thought I could just frog that part and redo it...but NOOOO, that would've been too easy. I got so frustrated trying to figure out how to pick out and unravel the cast on edge that, in a fit of frustration, took a scissor to it and cut it. AND THAT DIDN'T WORK EITHER.

I ended up frogging the entire thing...almost in tears, even though it wasn't that much. Just...all that good knittin' gone to waste. But anyway, it's already restarted, the ribbing completed (much better on 5's) and about an inch into the st st part of the dress. Will post pattern mods when finished, but the pattern is the Sugar Plum Kids Sundress and can be found HERE.

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