Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

I swear, I must be doing something right in the knitting universe. In the past few months I've been the recipient of some awesome gifts, all of which were given "just because".

First, Shelagh makes and sends me those awesome fingerless mitts, all the way from Canada, because I'd complained about my Raynaud's cold fingers. Then Suzette and Gail gave me the awesome set of Harmony Needles. Then just last week, Debbie reveals that the secret project she's been working on was for me, and hands me a cute assymetrical cardigan. Then Debbie (the other) and Torii both invite me to sleep over their house when I had to get up early for a doctor's appointment.

And tonight? Tonight I was given an awesome skein of Dream in Color SMOOSHY from Gladys! And it’s in my fave color, grass green (well, it's really called Happy Forest)! OMFG I love it so much.

I knew it was comin’ my way b/c she told me she'd bought it months ago for my birthday, never mind that we hadn't ever met (until tonight) and had just started chatting online. It’s so awesome to be constantly reminded of the warmth and generosity of people, and how random acts of kindness are everywhere you look. And maybe if you are a good person, you'll be the lucky recipient of a few yourself.

Ever since Gladys told me about it, I've been intending it for a mini Clapotis, as seen on Ravelry. She assures me there is enough in the skein to make it, and I can't wait. I'm not a shawl person so I don't know for sure that that's what I want to make with it. I really want to get good use out of whatever that gorgeous yarn becomes. WHEEE!

PS) I sorta feel like shit for never reciprocating. I just don't know what to get/make people or how to "repay" them. I hate that.

PPS) How much will I love naming the Clapotis, The Happy Clappy, after the yarn name? ANSWER: a lot!

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