Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Moving Right Along...

Well...I finally finished Sasha's legwarmers, a very belated Christmas gift (as all of mine are). I'll admit, I wasn't too motivated to work on them b/c the large needles weren't fun for some reason, but now that they're done I think she will love them. Here they are:

...and here is a picture of Sasha wearing them, though the right one is upside down.

By the time these were finished, I'd done so much free pattern searching online that I had a million things I wanted to make. Among them, this tote bag. I figured I'd be felting it, so I'd have to use wool or the like. I was excited to go to Michael's and buy yarn, but then it occured to me how ridiculous that was since Zette had given me a huge stash of her unused yarn and, among it, some wool. The only wool in her stash was tan and black...good colors, but not exactly FUN. Still, it seemed silly to buy yarn when I had some, so I just bought some Paton's Classic Wool in Winter White and decided to make it a neutral bag. Here is stage one:

I'm really loving knitting with the bamboo needles and 100% wool yarn...SUCH a huge difference! I will post the pattern (modified) when it's all finished (in about 6 years).

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Matthew said...

I want a tote bag.