Friday, March 2, 2007

Diana's Scarf

So, I finally made Diana her scarf in the requested cream color.

Pattern was right off the Lion Brand website, One Skein Scarf in Homespun. I used the color "Deco". Pattern is super easy:

Crocheted One Skein Homespun Scarf

Ch 16.
Double crochet in 4th chain from hook and in each ch across.
*Ch 3, turn.
Double crochet in next double crochet, and in each dc across to end*.

Repeat from * to * until skein is done.

HERE is a pic of the same scarf in turquoise (I look horrid, but the scarf is GORG)...and HERE is Sasha modeling the one I gave to her over Thanksgiving...another really pretty pastel colorway.

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