Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tiny Eyelet Stitch

Decided to be adventerous and test out a new stitch, #132 in "The Complete Book of Knitting", which looked fancy but still only required knit, purl, and a yo (which I was familiar with from crocheting and which, for any non-knitters reading this, has nothing to do with Hip Hop culture). Well...I DID IT, and I love it!

I think it'd be so nice to do in lieu of a bottom ribbing for a tank top or something. I used Size 8 bamboo needles and the yarn is...don't kill me...Red Heart acrylic horridness that I've had forever, but (a) it's this really gorgeous deep teal color and (b) I wanted to test out the stitch on a simple, solid-colored yarn. I'll take suggestions on what anyone thinks I should use this for, but I'm all jazzed and whatever project I decide to take on next (I'm projectless right now), I want it to include this. Also, I'd want to cast on more stitches for the correct hip measurement/circumference b/c I like how the eyelets look going vertically and not horizontally.

Anyway, here is the pattern:

Stitches needed: any number of 5 + 2

Row 1: P2, K3 - repeat to end, ending with a P2
Row 2: K2, P3 - repeat to end, ending with a K2
Row 3: P2, Sl 1, K2, pass Sl St over K2 - repeat to end, ending with P2
Row 4: K2, P1, yo* (see below), P1 - repeat to end, ending with a K2

* yo: bring working yarn between both needles and wrap it around the right hand needle, keeping the yarn in front of the left hand needle.


Nicole said...

The yarn I used for the green hat was Red Heart Soft

G said...

This does look complicated, nice to read that its not! Beautiful color too...