Monday, October 8, 2007

Long Time No Knit

Well, that's not totally true. I'm just taking FOREVER to finish my Razor Cami, but I've started and frogged about 3 projects in that interim. I came upon a yarn tangle in the skein for my cami, so that project came to a standstill. Then I cast on last week for a cute minidress/jumper in last summer's Knit1 mag (knit in LB Homespun) that I wanted to wear to great acclaim over Thanksgiving in NYC, but I noticed dropped stitches about 1/4 the way in so THAT got frogged too. Then I made a red slouchy beret for Clanda, upon request. THEN, the last two days, I was working on the red/cream matching scarf she subsequently requested, but decided upon completion today that I am a jackass for putting the rough RHSS yarn (in Cherry Red) at the exact place it goes around the neck, in lieu of the OH-SO-YUMMY-SOFT Bernat Softee Chunky (in Natural). that is getting frogged too.

SO, lots going on but nothing good.

Here are some pics of the Red Spiral Slouchy Beret and still unfinished Razor Cami:


Geraldine said...

Frogging is such a drag but sometimes unavoidable, especially when there is a mistake in a pattern grrrrrrrrrrrr....

The beret looks tres chic! I love the bright red.

Aelita04 said...

Love the hat and the top is nice. I just have to say you have very pretty eyes.