Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Chloe's Confetti Blanket

So I decided to make Chloe a fuzzy wuzzy plushy squishy soft and fabulous blanket for her to have and cuddle in the hospital. I had 3 skeins of Lambie Pie yarn that were gifted to me from Suzette when we first met. This was the perfect yarn and perfect amount for this blankie, but what nobody told me was that this yarn would be THE DEATH OF ME.

OMFG. Seriously. The yarn is awesome and SO great to touch, but SUCH a bitch to work with. I crocheted the ENTIRE thing, put a border on it, only to hold it up and discover that it gradually became wider on one end...quite significantly. OK, my bad for not holding it up sooner. So I ripped it all out and started completely over...only to rip it out again. And again.

YOU CANNOT SEE THE STITCHES with this fuzzy yarn, UGH! Then someone suggested I knit it instead, b/c it'd be easier to see the stitches. SO I tried that and yes, it was much easier, but the thing would've taken me forever to make and crochet is so much faster and grows taller quicker so yeah, I ripped out the few knitted rows I'd made and decided to just crochet the fucker and count every row as I went.

And that's where we are. I did a ch 75 (shoulda done 76) with an I hook and have counted every row to ensure I had 74 sts as I went...it's tedious, but much better than the alternative of ending up with another wonky blanket. No pattern really...just:

With an I hook: Ch 76
Row 1: hdc in each st across (75 sts), ch 2, turn
Row 2: dc in each st across (75 sts), ch 2, turn

...for 3 skeins worth. The border was done with a J hook and holding two strands together. First round was all hdc with one strand of Sugar 'n Cream in Hot Purple held together with some lavender acrylic that I was given. Next round was all dc with two strands of the Sugar 'n Cream held together.

I'm such a geek for this, but I liked the feeling of crocheting with two strands of cotton together. It was stiffer and bulkier and I liked the aesthetics of it. Total crochet nerd moment.

SO...yay, it's done. And perfect timing since I'm going to bring it to Chloe tomorrow in the hospital after a long day of rehab. I hope she likes it and snuggles it!


Suzette said...

I would cuddle and cuddle that blankie. Perfect!

onescrappychick said...

it's beautiful and what a thoughtful gift. She's lucky to have you in her life.

Cari Stanley said...

I know your post is super old, but... refer to this comment if you have a weak moment and consider using that yarn again. I am totally with you. No need to ask why it was discontinued. I have 5+ skeins that I am STILL trying to make something out of, looking AGAIN today for a pattern, and came across your post. The blanket came out pretty! And yeah "not that I would EVER knit with this again". I hate to see it go to waste so I will be having at it very soon. Thanks for the laugh :D