Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mom's Ruby Wrap

Making THIS (link to free Lion Brand pattern) shawl/wrap (I just hate the word "shawl") for mom and it was supposed to be for Mother's Day, or shortly thereafter, but yeah...that's not happening.

She was wearing a small red shawl over her shoulders at dinner a while ago and I told her I could make her a nicer one, to which she excitedly said that would be great. I’m excited to finally have something to make for her that she’ll like and actually wear, show off, etc. She wanted something black but I promptly vetoed that so she said red. I love the color, it’s a deep red with a shiny thread through it.

This was my first yarn store purchase and it’s splitty yarn but I still like knitting with it, and the splittiness isn’t too bad with bamboo needles. Glad I switched to size 9’s (from 8’s) b/c I think the lace will show up better.

I like the pattern a lot despite the mistakes I keep making that force me to unknit a row or two. Frustrating, but the pattern itself is easy and I’m liking my first real intricate lace pattern.

UPDATE 5/27: This whole project went on hold when I decided to make Chloe a hospital blanket, so I'm going to post better pics of it when I pick it up again. I switched to the Harmony circs and it's holding the weight of the piece SO much better! More importantly, my left thumb is no longer killing me from holding the thing on straight needles (thanks to Debbie for that suggestion).

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